• Model: DB-44
  • Ball Diameter: 44mm
  • Base : 63mm
  • Weight: 500g
  • Height: 96mm
  • Max load: 30kg (66lb)
  • Bottom threads: 3/8" UNC                             

SUNWAYFOTO DB-44.  Clamp Length:  50mm.  With 3/8" threaded mounting hole.
Clamp can be removed and mounted onto our other heads or Arca-swiss, RRS, Kangrinpoche ballheads.
Use Metric 6 flat head screw to mount onto a ballhead. Can mount onto 3/8" threaded post.
SUNWAYFOTO makes the ballhead balls from ellipsoidal form into more closer to spherical form.  At present, all of the better
makes of heads are ellipsoidal designed to produce progressive resistance to reduce accidents. In most cases  the  Y-axis diameter of the ball is about 0.07mm longer than the X-axis.      
SUNWAYFOTO only makes the ball Y-axis diameter only 0.03mm longer than the X-axis. The progessive resistance is still  present , but now the operation is silky smooth.        
DB-44 has two drop notch design. One for portrait, one for tilting. We have strengthened the shell through rigorous testing.       
Control knobs are 100% metal with no plastic or rubber, To ensure the operational smoothness, and also enhance the reliability and durability. 

1. 50mm conventional screw knob clamp,  captive-design knob. Mounts with M6 flat head screw from above.
Comes with spirit level and safety stop relief grooves. Patented safety detent setting. Universal Clamp can compatible with Arca swiss dovetail style plates. All clamps on our ballheads are interchangeable and easily removed.
2. Main Lock Knob can deliver maximum torque and can lock all the Ball movements. After the Main Lock Knob is Locked, the Ball will be completely Locked.
Friction Adjusting:
The Friction Adjust Knob is inside of the Main Lock Knob. The Load can differ, so you can adjust the Friction.
Main Lock Knob Scale Ring
The Scale Ring is positioned on the Main Lock Knob. And the Ring is laser-engraved with index marks from 1 to 12. 
3. Pan Lock Knob and Panning Base Scale
Independent Pan Lock Knob, 360 panning movement with calibrated precision, easy for precise capturing overlapping images in horizontal panorama. The Panning Base is laser-engraved with index marks from 0-360, with increments at 5

4. Mounting socket is 3/8"-16 UNC. If your tripod mounting
screw is UNC1/4"-2O, please use UNC1/4" and UNC3/8" Reducer Bushing.

                                                        5. Double Drop Notch  One for portrait, one for tilting